Become an Internationally Accredited and Certified Life Coach

Are you called to be an Agent of Change?

As more people begin depending on professionals to help them steer through important life decisions, life coaching as a career is becoming more lucrative.

Unlike psychotherapy or counseling, life coaching deals with helping functional people achieve greater successes by adopting discipline, free will and positive thinking. These new traits are normally adopted with the support and guidance of a life coach. 

Simply defined, life coaching is the art and science of achieving and living a fulfilled life with positivity and life-affirming values. In practice, life coaching is a profession that helps other people to achieve personal and professional goals by making changes in them. From a non-professional hobby to a globally recognized skill, life coaching poses a number of career opportunities that span across all industries. Any individual or corporation that requires assistance in organization and prioritizing can benefit from a professional life coach. 

Good leaders are often hard to find. However with life coaching, you can help many people get over their fears and shortcomings to become great leaders and inspirations in the organization. Whether at a personal level or professional, you can help any individual become a successful practitioner of life skills and enjoy a fulfilling and enriching life. With life coaching training, you can help others master these essential strategies to enjoy financial success, self esteem and confidence. If you have the desire to master these skills yourself and pass them on to others, a Life Coaching training course in life coaching is perfect for you.

How to become globally qualified and recognized

Let’s-Live Coaching offers four training modules to help individuals become globally qualified and recognized to practice life coaching. With the training modules offered, you can become an effective life coach who deals with phobias, faulty emotional patterns and harmful habits. You can help individuals, organizations, couples and families function smoothly and more productively. You will also become an indispensible tool in helping other overcome their fears and concerns and teach them to take action. These modules and Life Coaching Courses helps you  to master your mind, body, spirit and accustom yourself to the principles of life coaching.

Being one of the fastest growing industries in the world, this course can help you setup your own life coaching business and run your organization in a legal manner anywhere in the world.

Let’s-Live Coaching Training Institute currently offers life coaching training course certifications in subjects like neuro-linguistic programming, , microexpression analysis, quantum healing, health, time line healing, neuroscience, personal skills development, motivation psychology, as well as the science of human behavior modification.        

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