Life Coaching

At Lets-Live we believe that Life Coaching is so much more than positive thinking and eagerness to achieve. In fact, if all we needed in life was a positive attitude and a continuous visualization of our dreams, then I would have been a Rock Star long ago. The truth of the matter is if you know me, you will know singing is not one of my greatest gifts or talents. If you want to ponder more on that idea, I would propose you spend the next two days watching American idols.

In a world where the only constant is change, we choose to align ourselves with modern and scientifically proven techniques. Modern science and Quantum Physics has proven that we are all connected in some way or another. On the surface, every human being seems very different from the next. Yet science has revealed that genetically speaking the most that any two people might differ is a mere one hundredth of one percent. Think of that for a moment: Only 0.01 percent of our genes are reflected in our external appearance, independent and undistinguishable of our racial or historic background. That makes you wonder, doesn’t it? We share so much common ground that we have 99.99% reason to be everyone’s best friend.

At Lets-Live we choose to believe the fact that we differ, which gives each one of us a distinct value. Each one of us can make an individual, authentic contribution to life that no one can repeat or compete with! Life finds a unique expression in each individual that goes beyond measure or compare. We admire and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual whilst we see them as whole and complete.

For us, Life Coaching is the art of seeing each individual in the light of their original authentic design. We mirror the blueprint and truth in every human being. We assist people, and help them to discover their true potential that lies within themselves. We introduce our clients to the reality of a sustained, intimate and fulfilled life.

Have you “notice” the change already

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