Your personal breakthrough session with me as a Let’s-Live Master coach will be flexible and tailored to address your specific needs. Guided by Let’s-Live Master Coach principles, each session will be facilitated in a vibrant and safe environment.  You will receive and learn a complete set of skills and techniques that will cause immediate change and acceleration in your life.

In our session you will notice:

  • I don’t claim to have all the answers in life.
  • I will not impose ideas or force-feed information.
  • Life Coaching differs a lot from Psychology, counselling and therapy.
  • Life coaching is not past-orientated- even though we deal with the past, as we delete all your limiting believes and get rid of your unwanted negative emotions.
  • Remember our main focus always remains on the here and the now.

You will experience the ecstasy of creating powerful and life changing thoughts. And we will most certainly spend some time on discovering the mystery and influence of your unconscious mind.

You will learn to know yourself in so many different ways

  • You will discover your almost inconceivable potential
  • We will spent some time learning and understanding the magnificence of your body and its neurology
  • You will learn to engage your mind to focus on tapping into this potential to create new choices.
  • You will learn and experience that your body has an incredible power of rewiring itself, and therefore you might experience miraculous healings.
  • You will learn that your Nervous System has an incredible potential. Potential without measure – and therefore anything is possible for you!

I will introduce you to concepts like:

  • Physiology of excellence 
  • Cause and effect
  • The reality of believe systems
  • The power of value systems
  • Strategies of life
  • Meta Programs – the programs that manage your inner world.
  • Quantum Linguistics & Evolved NLP Practitioner techniques.
  • Hypnosis and Health

Have you “notice” the change already!

Francois Janse van Rensburg.


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