2 days Practical Self-Discovery Master 1 Life Coaching Course

The Self-Discovery Master 1 – Life Coaching Course is designed to enrich, inspire and develop a strong and healthy self-esteem. The materials presented during this two days Life Coaching Course provide each individual with powerful and dynamic self-development tools. These newly acquired life skills empower, enhance and significantly accelerate each individual on a personal and professional level.

The Self-Discovery Master 1 – Life Coaching Course mirrors and reflects the truth about yourself and your original identity. It frees you from any unprocessed negative emotions and or limiting believes that prevents you from living an intimate sustainable and fulfilled life. Throughout the training you will have the opportunity to experience and get to know yourself in so many different ways. As you get to know yourself you will recognize and therefore eliminate all the unresolved issues from your past that kept you captive and prevented you from living the life of your dreams.

The Self-Discovery Master 1 – Life Coaching Course is carefully designed to free you from;

Identity Issues: Low Self-image, Low Self-esteem, Lack of Confidence, Commitment Issues, Loss of True Identity, Nervousness & Stage fright, Sense of not knowing who you are, Lack of Inspiration and Motivation.

Personality Challenges: Tired & Weary, Hostile & Rude, Crushed & Upset, Jumpy & Annoyed, Worry & Burdened, Anxious & Stressed, Hesitant & Cautious, Nervous & Confused, Exhausted & Drained. 

Negative Emotions: Hurt & Anger, Guilt & Regret, Fear & Panic, Grief & Agony, Envy & Jealousy, Greed & Revenge, Shocked & Scared, Shame & Remorse, Sadness & Disappointed. 

Addictions and Substance Abuse: Drug abuse, Alcohol abuse, Porn Addiction, Substance abuse, Facebook addiction, PC Games addiction, Pain Medication addiction, Self-inflicted pain addiction, Smoking and nail biting addictions

The Self-Discovery Master 1 – Life Coaching Course is also designed to assist and guide you with:

Personal-Development: Personal Growth, Personal Positioning, Personal Benchmarks, Personal Organization, Personal Development Plans, Personal-Improvement, Personal-Development Goals.

Self-Development: Social Skills, Self Esteem, Self-Respect, Self Confidence, Self-Growth, Self-Enhancement, Self-Help, Self-Acknowledgement, Self-Improvement, Self Development, Self-Development Plans.

Professional-Development: Decision Making, Negotiation Skills, Language Precision, Career Development, Modelling for Excellence, Leadership Competencies, Professional-Development Plans, Professional-Development Goals, Professional Development Education, Professional-Development Programs.

Career-Development: Job Selection, Work-Life Balance, Emotional Intelligence, Financial Independence, Professional Commitments, Corporate Energy Psychology, Career-Development Plan.

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