Bespoke Teambuilding Programs

To make any project or a business a success, teamwork is essential. Made up of a group of individuals with different skills and strengths, a successful team is the combined effort of these employees. One of the most important tasks assigned to any team leader is to organize and unite this set of employees to ensure that the project is a success. However, teambuilding efforts by most Managers often leave a lot to be desired, often sabotaging their efforts.

Why Do You Need Teambuilding Programs?

In newly established businesses or project teams, employees may not know and understand each other. To facilitate this understanding and to create an efficient, productive, positive and proactive team, we offer team building programs. In stressful situations, employees may often become defensive, place blame or act in a way that harms the project vision. The main reason for this behavior is the lack of awareness.

With our team-building exercises, we help your employees appreciate each member of the team, assess numerous qualities and understand the strengths and weaknesses within the group. As a leader, it is up to you to monitor these weaknesses and encourage your employees to work together and minimize any risks or damage caused to the project, automatically increasing its success rate.

Customized Teambuilding Solutions

Our modern and dynamic interactive skills development teambuilding programs can last for a few hours or can be extended to a multiple-day event. After we speak with you and your employees to gather essential details, we offer a customized solution that could include some or all of these options:

  • Employee assessments
  • Roleplay teambuilding
  • Group discussions
  • Traditional team building activities
  • Interactive exercises and activities

With the help of Let’s Live Coaching, you can create a united team with enhanced awareness and a sense of commitment in every member of the team. We aim at building a sense of belongingness and teamwork to create a unified team of employees that understands each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

Why Rely on Let’s Live Coaching?

Being experts in the field, we understand exactly what your business needs. To break the ice between new employees and to create a synergy within your business, we employ a number of methods to make teambuilding exercises a success.

  • In-house training
  • Corporate / executive retreats
  • Periodic team workshops
  • Assessments, initiatives and tools of awareness
  • One-on-one training and coaching
  • Seminars and workshops for interpersonal skills

For more information on our customized corporate Teambuilding workshops for businesses and project teams, contact our experts at Let’s Live Coaching today!